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Air quality

Deterioration of air quality has been an ongoing problem since the industrial revolution. Awareness to the contribution of cars to air pollution has risen in the last few decades and technological solutions were quick to follow. Discuss the science behind the solutions available on the market and their effectiveness. How are scientists proposing to tackle this issue in the future? Compare the effectiveness of the proposed solutions with the existing ones. Examine one of these pieces of research with a critical eye.


Drug research

Significant progress in cancer treatment research has been achieved since the end of the 20th century and this topic is still a hot research interest for many scientists these days. Discuss the mechanism of operation of conventional cancer drugs. How the next generation of proposed cancer drugs is different from the conventional ones? Chose one proposed drug and examine it with a critical eye.


Food demand

Growing population goes hand in hand with a growing food demand which traditional agriculture cannot supply. Discuss the innovative scientific solutions that modern agriculture applied to increase crop production. Looking forward, what science has to offer to overcome a potential worldwide hunger? Chose one proposed solution and examine it with a critical eye.



Catalysts are used to accelerate chemical reactions without reacting themselves and are used for manufacturing a variety of products. Manufacturers and researchers are constantly looking for better catalysts for their processes, to lower costs, increase yields, and reduce waste. Chose one product in which a catalyst is being used in the manufacturing process, describe the catalyst being used in the process and discuss the next generation of catalysts proposed for this process. Choose one proposed new catalyst and examine it with a critical eye.


Optical communications

Fiber optic transmission systems transformed the way information is transmitted these days around the world through television and the Internet. A rapidly growing demand for larger bandwidth, higher speed and lower costs is expected to shape these systems in the future. Describe how optical fiber systems operate today and why their capacity for carrying information is so great. What future improvements are expected to increase their capacity further? Chose one proposed future direction and examine it with a critical eye.