Video Content Guideline and File Format Specification


Video Content Guidelines

  1. Video must be presented in English.
  2. Video must contain 2 sections:
    1. Self-introduction.
    2. Presentation of topic chosen. For more details about the topics available, check out here. This section should include the following areas,
      1. identify and illustrate the essential causes of existing problems facing by human.
      2. identify 1 to 4 existing technological commercial solutions.
      3. identify 1to 4 possible technological solutions that are still at researching stages.
      4. choose one under research solution and analysis and present your opinions of its pros and cons.
  3. A list of references to materials used in the video must be included along with the video submitted in English and in form of PDF.
  4. The list of references should be detailed enough, allowing reviewers to track back the references (include the URL when a reference is a website).
  5. Refer only to reliable and trustworthy sources, e.g. textbooks, popular science magazines, universities or research institutes websites etc. Random online videos, blogs, websites or Wikipedia (or Baidu Baike) will NOT be accepted as references.


  1. The whole discussion should be from a scientific point of view, instead of a social study.
  2. Be quantitative whenever possible, however don’t overload the video with statistics.  Give only important and relevant numbers.
  3. You don’t have to talk about all the solutions you find.  If you don’t have enough time, talk only about the major existing solutions and your favourite proposed ones.  Detailed and comprehensive discussion of limited number of solutions is preferable over a quick discussion of many solutions.


Video File Format Specification and Submission

  1. Video length must be kept within 5 minutes excluding the time for self-introduction. If video length is longer than 5 minutes, the first 5 minutes of video will be evaluated and assessed.
  2. Video must be in format of MP4, AVI, WV.
  3. To submit video, check out here.


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