2016 Impact Challenge Video Contest Winners Announcement

Impact Center of the University of Toronto is pleased to announce the grand prize winner for 2016 Impact Challenge Video Contest and the runner-ups. We received so many high quality entries that the judge team was hard to narrow down the choices. The evaluation and assessment of videos are based on the following rubrics.

  1. Clarity
  2. Presentation
  3. Topic Presentation
  4. Current Solutions
  5. Solutions Under Research
  6. Critique

Grand Prize Winner: First Class Honours with Distinction

Ying Ying Yu

Winning Video (video is posted on Youtube, it may not be accessible in some countries)


NOTE: If you had difficulty of viewing the winner’s video in Youtube, you can download and view it HERE.

First Class Honours

Shi Yi Li
Zihe Tan
ZiLin XU

Second Class Honours

Haohan Jiang
Yu Zhan Li
Yuxi Chai
Zhujun Nie
Zihan Gao
Zihan Ye

Third Class Honours

Daiwei Pan
Isabella Chen
Jiageng Zheng
JiaYing LI
Jue Rui Li
Wing Lam Chan
Xinyi Hu
YaXin Qin
Yudaixiang Wu
Yuejia Luo
Yuexing Niu

Note: Names are listed in alphabetical order.

The grand prize winner will be contacted by Impact Center for prize arrangement. Award certificates will be sent to the schools of the winners in batch. Thank all of you for your hard work and talent videos. Assessment comments to videos will be released later. Contestants can login to their registered accounts and view the comments given by video judge team.

Impact Centre has the final decision to the contest result and has the right to release winning videos in any media format. The authors have the ownership of the videos they created.

The 2017 Impact Challenge Video Contest is in preparation and we hope to see you all again next year.